Sunday, December 22, 2013


Holiday Outfit Ideas 

So I posted a new video on my channel a week ago, I think, I am not sure. hahaha but yeah... its just me showing you guys my ideas on outfits to wear this party holiday season :) I came up with different kinds of look for different kind of occasions. I hope you enjoyed it and Thank You for watching it. :)

Look # 1, for my first outfit I chose a simple red dress and paired it with a gold necklace... Its simple yet its still classy. Its very perfect when you are having a festive dinner with your family. The necklace its just a plain leaf necklace and I like how simple it is and how cute it is. Got this for a very cheap price when I went shopping with my friends in the Philippines :). My dress is a v shape on the neckline makes you look more flattering on the conservative side. hehe. It shows a little of your curves and the color red never fails to make everyone look sexy. I like how the dress flows. Lastly my shoes are so cute I just borrowed it from a friend and luckily it fits me, we don't have the same shoe size her feet are smaller than mine haha! Its a simple cute baby pink in color and also this goes with a lot of outfits. It is easy to dress up. I love this because it has short heels so it wouldn't make my feet hurt a lot unlike high heeled shoes. 

Necklace - Philippines
Dress - H&M
Shoes - Rampage
Bracelet  - Forever 21

Look # 2, for my second outfit instead of wearing a sparkly dress for new years, I just chose a simple but very cute white dress. Its very perfect when you are at a dinner outside. I didn't chose a sparkly one just because in my opinion if you are wearing something sparkly everyone will be looking at you haha I don't know I just think that way... because every time i see someone wearing that I always stare at them from head to foot and I know that rude but I just can't resist it, They're outfit just catches my eyes... I chose this white dress with a lace detail on top because its so cute its very me and I love it.. I don't use a lot of accessories because Im not the accessories type of girl. Lastly I just paired it with a simple nude d'orsay flats. Im a flats kind of girl :)

Dress - H&M
Flats - Dollhouse

Look # 3, for my third outfit, this is what i would wear when I'm going on a Christmas Party with friends. The top it a peplum top and I just simple tuck it in my skater skirt to make it look a new top but the truth it I got it a long time ago. It makes me feel that I just recently bought it. hahaha. I like the pattern on the top its very cute and I think its festive, also the green skater skirt makes it perfect for Christmas :) Lastly I paired it with my all time favorite brownish ankle boots. My friend got it for me, Thanks Karen. I love you :* hahaha! 

Top - Express
Skirt - Philippines
Shoes - Charlotte Russe

Look # 4, Lastly this look would be what I will be wearing if I am partying all night with friends, which I don't even do but I don't care I just wanna share to you guys what I would think of wearing. I used these lace crop top because It doesn't show a lot of skin. I don't wanna wear something to much if I am in a crowded place.. eeee I don't like touching or feeling other peoples skin (plus sometimes theres sweat and its just gross. hahaha! that just me) anyway yeah... I paired it with a simple grayish whitish skater skirt... yes yes I love skater skirts too.. They're just cool and super cute! I love it! To summarize my whole entire look I used my black and gold tone flats. I know some of you might think you should be wearing heels if your partying but I don't want to because Ive seen a lot of people wearing heels and they're just complaining... girl just wear flats and you will be comfortable dancing all night long! hahaha

Lace Crop Top - Forever 21
Skirt - Philippines
Flats - Forever 21


Monday, December 2, 2013

Christmas Portrait

Christmas Photoshoot yeyyy :)

So yesterday my family had a mini photoshoot for our Christmas cards. It turned out not so great because the little one is not cooperating. :/ It was fun though and challenging at the same time, we had so little time to do the shoot because we still need  to go to church...

For my Outfit We sort of did a dark colored like black and white theme. I hope you get what I mean. My dress is just a simple black and white stripes. With  mesh detailing on the sleeves, you cant see it though, lol. I paired it with  eyelet whiter cardigan that I got on the kids section. hahaha. It was just so cute and I have to have it. To keep me warm this windy fall winter days I paired my dress with a navy blue with red polkadot stockings to give it more of a festive feel. Lastly, for my shoes I used this ankle flat boots which is one of my November Favorites. Its very comfortable to wear and I have been wanting this pair for a long time. The animal print detailing at the back is very cute, I adore it :) I also like the buckles on the size it makes me feel like I have a Jeffrey Campbell Everly Boots. haha!

Cardigan - H&M
Dress - Philippines
Stockings - Old Navy
Shoes - Kendall x Kylie for Pacsun

Thanks! and have a nice day!! <3