Saturday, April 20, 2013

Head to Toe

ZARA top, shorts and flats

Ive been missing in action these past few days. I was so busy with school and looking for a new place to move. We decided we want to move because our current place is getting expensive and its extremely old a we don't wanna pay too much for a very old place, so we found and new one and we will be moving soon. School has been so hectic too, but Thank God I am almost done and Im not ready to take the test though. Oh well. We went to H&M today because they have a huge sale which i extremely love because they have good deals and we bought my son his first Jordan slippers. :)

Im wearing everything ZARA today. I just love the brand especially the quality and also the design of their products. The price is very worth it. To start of, I saw ThatsHeart's youtube video about her haul when she was out of the country and on her video she mentioned this top and I actually want it to and so I bought one from ZARA online since we do not have a store where I lived. It has a very cute stud detailing on the collar and on the front pocket. It make the boring plaid shirt into a cute one. My shorts has also small studs on the back pocket but I haven't got a chance to take a picture of it. Lastly my adorable red flats! I love love them and they have a cute stud detailing on the strap which brings them to life. They are also extremely comfortable. 

Quote of the day : "What others think about you isn't important. What you think about yourself means everything"

Have a great night loves! <3


Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Aztec Print

Forever 21 Top and Shorts - Michael Kors Watch - Zara Flats - Icing Owl Necklace

So today me and my baby went to the mall since daddy was gonna sleep the whole entire day. There were no good deals at the mall which was a bummer. I went home empty handed which was awesome because I saved some money. haha. And it was sooo extremely hot outside. Ugh, it feels more like summer and not Spring. Anyway I am so obsessed with my top I love the details on it and its very comfortable to wear. Its also so cute, isn't it? :) My shorts was actually thrifted at Platos Closet, but the brand is Forever 21. I sometimes find Platos Closet the best place to buy gently used clothes. But the price sometimes isn't fair. I have seen some that was overly priced than the mall price. Overall you can still find good deals at there store. You can also sell your gently used clothes and they give you cash on the spot. Awesome right? I just recently purchased this owl necklace from Icing, it was on the sale section and they have a good deal which is take extra 50% off reduced items. I really love good deals and sales, saves me a lot of money. Lastly, I adore these Zara Pointy Flats they're quite expensive but I got them on sale too! hahaha. And to tell you its not true to its size. You can obviously tell it doesn't fit me well. How embarrassing. Thanks for stopping by my blog and have a nice day! <3


Tuesday, April 9, 2013

BEAUTY REVIEW : The Best Lipbalms

Sugar Lip Treatment Spf15 - Eos Lipbalm

Hi! Today I will be sharing my most used and a must buy for me, these are the two most favorite lip balms that I have used in my entire life. I used different types and brands of lip balms before but nothing can ever replaced this two. I highly highly recommend this products if you are looking for good quality lip balms. 

The Sugar Lip Treatment or "Fresh " is very hydrating and it nourishes my lips. Everytime I use it my lips feel soft the whole entire day and my lipstick does not chap at all. I apply this first before my lipstick and it helps glides my lipstick smoothly. Another amazing factor is it has SPF15, which helps protect my lips from the sun. Its soft and very comfortable to wear, it doesn't feel heavy at all. The only thing I don't like about it is the consistency of the product it easily breaks, I think because it just too soft? Just don't twist the tube all the way up or put pressure on it when you apply some on your lips. But by far This is the best lip product ever! Finally the Eos Lip balms, this product also moisturizes my lips and I love love the packaging its so cute. This product is good for dry and chapped lips. Its very moisturizing and it has awesome scents, which I like because some scents tend to be over powering and it just makes the product disgusting. The plus about this products are they are both organic and natural which is awesome! They're no harsh chemicals that can damage my lips or whatsoever. So I highly recommend these babies!! thanks for stopping by and take care <3


Monday, April 8, 2013

Sunny Monday

Happy monday friends! I know some of you hate mondays because of work, school.etc. but for me I do not complain what day it is because I am happy that God gave me another day to spend time with my baby and my hubby. :) In the morning we went to see my son's dermatologist and it went well than what I was expecting. My baby was brave enough for me not to worry, happy mommy indeed. Anyway after his appointment we went to the mall just for walk and to eat lunch at the food court.

H&M top - Louis Vuitton Neverfull GM - Pacsun Skirt
Bcbg Generation Flats - Michael Kors Watch

For my outfit tadaaaa, my top is from h&m one of there conscious collection this spring, originally I got these from Poshmark for $5 plus the tags are still attached! It was a good deal for me for a new top. Poshmark is the most amazing and used app on my iPhone, I love using it for buying also selling used or new stuffs. Its a nice baby pink color with a lace detailing on top and its light ang very comfortable to wear under the heat of the sun! My bodycon skirt is from Pacsun, i love how tight fitting it is and the fabric is soft, its very comfy! My flats are from bcbg generation, I bought this at my loca NEX, as some of you dont know NEX is a mall inside the military base where you shop cheaper stuff and there no tax. :) these are by far the comfiest (is that a word) flats I owned but Toms goes first haha! And finally my watch is from Michael Kors, its called the Madison, its two toned color and I LOVE it! Thanks for stopping by my blog and have a nice monday lovessss! :)

Saturday, April 6, 2013

Family Fun at the Park

Forever 21 Top and Shorts

Happy Saturday Loves! How was your saturday? I hope you had fun! Please excuse my retarded face, I feel so ugly with my HUGE eye bags! When you have a kid, especially a baby, you get sleep deprived. I know I know thats so sad but well that part of life and growing up and especially when you have a family. I also love my hair bun, its very perfect for a hot sunny day and its so cute, I always received tons of compliments despite my very wide forehead! haha. It was sunny but very breezy on my area, but the sun made he breeze hot. Does that even make sense? haha! Today we only went to the park so we can save for our trip. The mall is veryyyy tempting to shop for us, so we try to stay away from temptations at the moment. We just went to the park for a very fun and productive day plus its a good exercise without the sweat and the effort at the gym. haha. WE had fun watching some guys doing this amazing thing on the water,  I have really no idea what it was so Im really sorry! Anyway I love my top from Forever 21, its very flawy and comfortable to wear. I will definitely wear this all the time during Spring and also summer! A perfect top to add to your wardrobe. My shorts are actually very old I got this at a Forever 21 in Hawaii. Its still very comfortable to wear and doesn't go out of style. I love this shorts so much that I didn't even think of throwing it away. 

Cotton On Sandals

I first wore these sandals today and by far I love it! Its very comfortable <3

As you can see he was not very happy! The sun was just to bright for him. I think? I rarely take him out of the house because I'm just a lazy person. But when he saw kids playing he started to be okay again and stared having fun which was awesome. His favorite part in the playground is the slide, he loves it and doesn't get tired of it. Actually we were the one who got tired! It was just very exhausting.


Friday, April 5, 2013

Peplum and Metallic

Express Peplum Top - Forever 21 Metallic Shorts - Forever 21 Necklace

Zara Ankle Boots - Juicy Couture Perfume - Tory Burch Logo Clutch - Urban Outfitters Wallet - Gucci Sunglasses - Michael Kors Watch - Wet Seal Chain Bracelet - Tilly's Ring and Arrow Bracelet

Hi! Im finally posting an Outfit of the Day and I will make sure I will make this a habit to post more and more. Today was a normal kind of day, spending time with my baby is what I do every single day. He brings joy to my life and makes my day bright! School was also my everyday routine. Time management is what I learned when I became a mommy, I find time for my baby, school, husband and Skype sessions with my mom (she wants to see him every single day end sometimes its boring :> Love You Mom! ) Oh yeah and I learned a lesson today, never ever take pictures on your own. haha

To start of I love my peplum top from Express , it was a surprise from my husband. Thanks hubby! I love the feather print it design. Is  it me or its really feathers?? It feels very soft and light when wearing it. I love love it! My shorts feels more like I'm wearing faux leather. I don't know if it is but the texture feels so. My necklace is just a cute small bag with very cute detailing. Both shorts and necklace are from Forever 21. These Zara  Ankle boots are the bomb! I just love it! Its very versatile and I can use it from Spring to Winter. My very used Juicy perfume are the best scent I have ever smelled in my entire life! of course next to Marc Jacobs Daisy <3 Its a must have for everyday use and its not that strong. I cannot describe how it smell and Im not good at describing but all I can say is you must have it! hihi I got my wallet from Urban Outfitters, it was on sale and that time I just needed a new wallet since my old wallet needs to go. I'm not into wallets, so I don't care if Im using the same one all over again. Im gonna wait to buy a new one if this gives up on me. I love my Michael Kors Madison Watch, its two toned and its lovely. The colors are rose gold and tortoise, it just goes with everything. I got my chain bracelet from Wet Seal, it was an impulse buy hahaha i just have no ice why I got it at the first place. When I see something only 3 items left, I just have to get it and buy it, I don't know it just makes me feel like I need this. Is it just me or you also do the same thing? haha! The arrow bracelet and ring are from Tilly's they were on sale and it was a good deal, Sooooo yeahhh! Thats about it for my outfit post. I hope you guys enjoyed it. Thanks BYE!

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Target Clearance Finds

Almost everyday I have been to Target lately because of Shopkick and of course there clearance. It's just a 5 minute drive away from where I live. In addition to there clearance they have amazing fashion finds thats under one roof. Anyway,  every corner of the store has clearance spots. Sometimes they are just at the back most part of the store. Clothes, Shoes, Accessories, Toys, Groceries.etc., every category in the store has clearance. They mark down every two week from 15%, 30%, 50% and up to 70% off. They have an official markdown schedule but it depends on the store and its management. Take advantage of the best deals and know exactly when to look for them, remember every two weeks they take off a certain percent. So its actually a good deal and if you want something from the clearance section and if you're willing to wait till it gets another discount on it, maybe you will get a good deal from it. 

These are some of my clearance finds today. Ive been eyeing on these items since last week, crazy right?

These amazing cute storage boxes originally retails for $9.99+tax but i've waited a long long time for these babies to be 70% off so i only paid $2.98+tax today. Isn't that a great deal right? The other item I got is this cute owl folder/documents organizer, originally it retails for $6.99+tax and it was 30% off so its only $4.88+tax. There's not that much discount but it was the only one left and its super cute, my current obsessions are owls. They are awesome and cute! I love them! And lastly these awesome EOS Easter Lip balms, I got these not on clearance but it was price cut at my local Target. Originally they're $5.99+tax but I got them for $4.99+tax. HAHA. I know I know they're not a great deal but hey I love EOS lip balms too plus they're easter edition which is awesome! So its not a big deal since one EOS lip balm retails more than what i paid for. Actually, its a great deal. Well What do you think? 

Other Savings Tips:
  • Use Coupons - they accept manufacturers coupons and not just that you can get coupons at or on your target mobile app. You can combine both coupons to get a better deal. 
  • Bring Your Own Bag - or don't use a plastic bag at all if you're okay with that, Target gives you back $0.05 when you use your own bag!
  • Targets Price Matching Policy - If you find a competitors ad at a low price bring it to customer service at Target to price match but make sure its a local and its a current ad.
  • Use the scanner - sometimes target members who are in charged for clearance items forget to re stick a lower price, so its better to double check and when you're lucky you'll score a great deal!

So here's what I did this morning when Target opened at 8am. :) The clearance section is where i go first. 

Thanks for stopping by! Have a nice day and I hope i've helped you score great deals from now on.