About Me

Hi my name is Camille and I love fashion, food, traveling and makeup. I was very boyish before but when I grew up I suddenly felt that I need to change and since that day on I am totally in LOVE with anything girly, fun and fashionable. Ive decided to make a blog in order for me to share my thoughts and insights about what I love and what I love to do.My blog has been active since January 2013 and since then I try my very best to make daily posts. Im around my 20's, happily married to the most amazing man that I have met in my entire life and I have the most happy baby on earth.  

Want to know more about me?
These are some of the activities I do online:
  • Lookbook - a dose of my fashion addiction!
  • WhatIWear - another dose of my fashion addiction :)
  • BlogLovin - If you love me that much follow me to receive post feeds  and show me some lovin' 
  • Youtube - watch my latest addictions, lookbook's, reviews.etc.
  • Instagram - daily picture post on my instagram.
  • Twitter - my daily random buzz of my life. 
If you have any concerns, questions and suggestions? Feel free to beep me and leave a comment down below. Thank You Loves! 


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