Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Zara 2012 Winter SALE

What's not to love about Zara??? I love Zara soo much that I took advantage of their Sale! :) I bought clothes for me, hubby and baby :) and still more to come just waiting for them in the mail. The quality of their stuff is so good that the price is worth it! Its so fashionable and the styles are to die for! So if you also wanna take advantage of the sale it still ongoing now online and in stores. Im a huge huge fan of Zara! They have amazing items and they are very fashionable. If only I have all the money in the world I would shop at Zara all the time. hahaha! Happy Shopping Lovies!!! <3<3<3

My Sweet Valentine

Urban Outfitters Hat - Vintage Top - Forever 21 Skirt - Poshmark Ankle Boots
Cotton On Bag - Michael Kors Watch - Dillards Bracelet

Valentines almost here!!! So i decided to make an outfit for valentines not your usual all red valentines. You can wear this anywhere you go without being to fancy. Have a picnic at the park for a change its cheaper and a lot more fun than going to those fancy restaurants, if you are in a budget. Take a stroll at the mall, a lot of people do this especially me. Watch a romantic movie, how lovely is that right? or just stay at home eat pizza and watch chic flick movies haha! 

1. Urban Outfitters Fendora Hat - I got these on sale at my local urban outfittes. How cool is that? and   take an extra 50% on sale yeyyy!! I paid only $5.00 for a $30.00 hat!! 

2. Vintage Top - This is actually my Mom's top when she was still a teen :))) I love it and it never goes out of style.! thumbs up for my moms closet! hahaha i love you mom!

3. Forever 21-I bought these 2 years ago at Forever 21 in Hawaii and i love love love it! I forgot how much these is since its already old. Im also letting this go and selling this on Poshmark

4. Zara/Poshmark-yeyy to cheap finds! i got these Zara ankle boots at Poshmark for only $20 :) I saw a similar one on ebay for $100+ and thats too much... Yeyy to cheap stuff :)

5. Cotton On- I love the bag !! The details on it is outstanding :) I love the gold studs all over it. The color is very pretttyyy !! I got these on sale too. weeee. yeyyy to sales!!! 

6. Michael Kors Rose Gold Watch - Whenever I use this I receive tons of compliments and these are sold out everywhere! I got these as a gift last year on my birthday . Thank you hubby!! i love youuu lotsss...

7. Dillards Bracelet - I forgot the brand of this and all i can remember is i bought it on dillards and it was on sale.. as you can see i love sales hahaha!


Tuesday, January 29, 2013

DRUGSTORE REVIEW :: Revlon Photo Ready Concealer

Hey loves! I’m recently in search for a GOOD qualitydrugstore concealer. Taking care of a 7 month old24/7 gave me dark eye bag's. :(  There's no sleep and I have no time to pamper myself since its always baby's first. Iheard a lot of good things about the Revlon Photo Ready Concealer, so I decidedto try it.  Its packaging is cheaplymade, what do you expect for a drugstore make up? Right? The concealer is veryaverage. It blends well, the texture was great, its not heavy and its smooth. Its blendsalright under my eyes but at the end of the day its gone, It wont stay long enough so by the end of the day i look like a walking zombie again. Over all I'm not thathappy and impressed with this product. I do recommend this product if you are in a budget but if you want a full coverage that will last long still try looking for that perfect concealer. In that case I'm still in search for agreat concealer!!!  

For more information about this product and reviews of other people who have tried it click the link below:  Thank You :)                                                                                                                         Revlon Photo Ready Concealer

Monday, January 28, 2013

Poshmark Craze ! :)

Ooohhh i love this app on my iphone very much !!! I cant stop buying and selling at the same time :) its a great way to earn money and shop for cheap designer brands. Its a consignment shop online. Only available for people living in the US. Its easy and fun. You also get to meet friends and share stuffs :)

Poshmark is a free iPhone app that allows you to shop the closets of women across the country. Have items in your closet that you love but are not not in love with anymore? List them for sale on Poshmark in just a few minutes! Just search and type "Poshmark" at the app store!

The secret to finding the best items on Poshmark is to find your stylemate! A stylemate is someone whoe shares your fashion taste. Everyone's got them! Here's how you can find yours

1. Follow People
2.Bookmark Your Likes
3.Shop Posh Parties & Showrooms
4. Use their search feature

Tips on How to make your first sale

#1: Style your Covershot
#2: Describe Your Items Accurately
#3: Attend Posh Parties
#4: Be responsive
#5: Engage with Others
and most of all BE FRIENDLY! :)

Disclaimer:all description is from poshmark and not from me.

Fashion Review :: Tory Burch Reva Flats

REVIEW :: Tory Burch Black/Gold Ballet Reva Flats

So I got these as a gift from my hubby last Christmas and this is my first ever Tory Burch Flats. All I can say is, so far I don't like it. It hurts a lot especially in my toe area. I have worn it a couple of times and I still have no luck for it :( Anybody else having problems with this? If so let me know :p These are by far the not so awesome Tory Flats that I have used my entire life! The caroline flats from Tory Burch are a lot more comfortable than this one. I do not recommend you to buy the reva's but purchase the caroline instead, its a little bit pricey but its worth it and you wouldn't hurt your feet ever again! :) Although it has a cute nice design to it and the details are awesome, I just don't like the way it fits my foot. Even though I have worn this a million times I just don't seem to like it and I am regretting purchasing this. Its just not meant for me.