Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Target "Valentines" Haul

Hi everyone sorry I have been not posting often... I was very lazy and the weather is making me sick how i wish that it would be Spring already... The only season that I hate so much is winter! Its cold and damp... ugh..  but today I have something very awesome to share to you guys... its a great deal that I just recently found out at Target yesterday! I have been eyeing a lot of stuffs lately from the Valentines section and I thank them for gifting this items that I want. :)

So I have been eyeing out on these stuff (cookie jar) for a long time but its expensive... It retails for $19.99 but when I went to target yesterday its on temporary price cut so the sale price is $16.99... still pricey for me... So the usual me, I just stared at it and walk away haha! But I really wanted to have one more, I already have two but I want three so I need to buy one more haha so I checked my phone and I opened the Cartwheel app (its a Target company) and looked at the categories clicked valentines day and I saw this coupon:

but it says decor/throw/pillow so i thought it was just for that certain items thats related to Valentines. I also looked at the Target Weekly Ad and I saw that the Valentine Throw and Pillows are only $7 plus the cartwheel coupon which will make this a good deal... So I grabbed a bunch, for me to send it out to our families back home and I didn't like the pillow it was small, heck no even though its $7 I wont buy it, I wouldn't have any use for it. Its really really tiny... After my usual strolling at Target i went back to where the cookie jar is and I saw that the kids stuff are $2.99 so I grabbed one cup for my son and I went to the cashier afterwards... After paying I check my receipt and I was shocked they knocked out 20% off for the Valentines cup that I got for my son. AWESOME! I was so happy I went back and grabbed one more cookie jar in pink and one more mug because I want the mug that says "You Complete Me" hahaha I was happy because everything was a good deal! 

So what I am telling you guys is run, really run to your nearest target store and grabbed this awesome deal for the cutest Valentines stuffs... I noticed too that all the cute stuffs goes out of stock first. sooo yeahhhh... here is the break down of some stuffs that will be applied for the offer.


The Valentines Throw blanket were regularly priced for $.9.99 but they were on sale for this for at $7... to make this a good deal you need to use the 20% off which make them each $5.06 :) they're a variety of designs to choose from and they're all cute... but I like this one better.

The Valentine mugs are $2.99 but they're on temporary price cute for $2.59 and when you use the cartwheel coupon they will be just $2.09 each... AWESOME! also this one has different design but I only like three of them... 

This is the most wanted thing on my list!!! Im so happy that they included this for me and I am very thankful!! :) They were priced $19.99 and also they have a temporary price cut for $16.99 after the cartwheel coupon it will be $13.59!!! its still a good deal!! :) its so cute!!! I'm so in love with it... 

Lastly this bowls are price at $3.99 and they also have a price cut for $3.39 after the cartwheel coupon it will be just $2.71... they're are many uses for this bowl if you don't want to wash it all the time. hahaha. its so cute <3

PLUS, if you use your own bag at Target they will deduct $.05 on each bag... its just a little but every penny counts!!! :)

*this items were all gifts that they have given to me. I wasn't paid to do this I just want to share to you guys a awesome deal using Cartwheel!

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  1. wow everything looks so cute! ;)
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