Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Happy Mothers Day

Forever 21 See thru outerwear - Cotton On Maxi Dress - American Eagle Outfitters Sandals

I love this picture :) My sos always wants to join my pictures! I love you baby boo. :*

Hello guys! Its never too late and I do not care. haha! I totally forgot to upload, and I really thought I did. But anyway this picture was taken during mothers day. We did nothing mainstream. There were no flowers and no gifts, we didn't even eat out. It was a typical day for us. We went to church and went to the grocery, this is our usual Sunday routine. Like what I said we didn't get to celebrate because I didn't not asked and I don't want it because for me everyday is Mothers Day, just by spending time with my little boo everyday feels so special. Im so lucky to be a mom to this little dude. He makes my life complete and he makes me happy all the time. I will never get tired of loving and taking care of him for he is my special someone that I cannot let go. He will forever be mine and forever will be Mothers Day for both of US <3

To my outfit... My sheer cardigan like (I really do not know what it is called) is from Forever 21 but I actually bought it from Poshmark. I love the fabric its perfect for Spring and Summer. Very cool to wear and the details on is amazing and cute! My maxi dress is from Cotton On, this was actually my to go to dress when I was pregnant with my son. I wear this all the time. Dressing up when I was pregnant was not my priority because eating and sleeping was all I ever wanted to do haha! Plus it was Winter time makes me more want to eat and sleep. :) My sandal are from American Eagle Outfitters, I bought this wayyyy back in Hawaii when my slippers suddenly gives up on me. Yes, I love to wear this, its very durable and still very wearable but it has signs that it has been used a lot but I really don't care. I just love it. :) Oh yeah, uhm does anybody know how to wash this kind of fabric? The F21 cardigan Im wearing? If you do please let me know how because I really don't want it to get destroyed inside the washer. haha :) Thanks and have a nice day you guys! :*


  1. Hi dear :) The photos you choose for your last post are so amazing!!
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  3. Incredible outfit! xoxo :*

  4. Love your look :) And this picture in cute little baby is wonderful! <3 Do you wanna follow each other? Let me know :) And I hope you will take a part in my GIVEAWAY with OASAP. You can win one of pieces from summer collection <3 xoxo :*
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  5. lovely outfit! i follow you! thanks for visiting my blog ;D
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