Sunday, May 5, 2013

Orange Sunday

So today we went to church and we were late so we have to stand up the whole entire time. Sad. But it was fine. This is a quick pick for what I wore today. I don't know if it looks good, please tell me if I look so weird and ugly. haha. My top is from Charlotte Russe, its a white fitted peplum top. I love the fabric of the top a lot because its very comfortable and it doesn't make me feel hot. My pants are from H&M these were a size 8 and its very huge for me! haha I usual wear a size 6 but I have lost a ton of weight and now I cam wear a size 0 and I am happy and proud about it :) Losing weight was hard, extremely hard after you give birth but those hard days paid of and Im still wanting to loose weight until today. My goal now is to have those sexy abs. Hey! a girl can dream you know, I don't know if i can do it though. HAHA. My shoes are from Tory Burch I love the design but still the revas still make my foot hurt. Oh well. Have a nice days you gals! <3


  1. Thanx for following babe I follow you now back

  2. Hey there, love the shoes and cute peplum top.
    I really love your blog and it’d be great if we could follow each other. Let me know on my blog? Thanks, Sarah x

  3. Great pictures, absolutely stunning!

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