Thursday, March 27, 2014

Florals for Spring

Hello blogger world!!! Its been a while since Ive been updating my blog. Im just preoccupied with other stuffs and I tend to be lazy all the time, Although print is here it doesn't make me feel that Spring is actually here. Its always raining on where I lived. The weather sucks! Now its cloudy and I don't even know if its about to rain. lol. Im also in the process of finding myself. Im confused at the moment. I feel different, I feel Im not the same anymore anywhooo here is what I wore a long time ago that Im too lazy to post! Enjoy :)

Say HELLO to my "muffin top" -_- not cool at all!

Ive always wanted a pair of the Zara black d'orsay flats but I never got a chance to have one. They're always out of stock with my size. This will do. 

oh HI serious face. I wasn't in the mood at all. hahahaha but I LOVE and adore my outfit :) I received tons of compliments when I was wearing.

Top - Forever 21
Pants - SM (Philippines)
Shoes  - Dollhouse 
Watch - Michael Kors
Rings - Forever 21

Have a nice day!!!!
:* Camille.

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