Saturday, April 20, 2013

Head to Toe

ZARA top, shorts and flats

Ive been missing in action these past few days. I was so busy with school and looking for a new place to move. We decided we want to move because our current place is getting expensive and its extremely old a we don't wanna pay too much for a very old place, so we found and new one and we will be moving soon. School has been so hectic too, but Thank God I am almost done and Im not ready to take the test though. Oh well. We went to H&M today because they have a huge sale which i extremely love because they have good deals and we bought my son his first Jordan slippers. :)

Im wearing everything ZARA today. I just love the brand especially the quality and also the design of their products. The price is very worth it. To start of, I saw ThatsHeart's youtube video about her haul when she was out of the country and on her video she mentioned this top and I actually want it to and so I bought one from ZARA online since we do not have a store where I lived. It has a very cute stud detailing on the collar and on the front pocket. It make the boring plaid shirt into a cute one. My shorts has also small studs on the back pocket but I haven't got a chance to take a picture of it. Lastly my adorable red flats! I love love them and they have a cute stud detailing on the strap which brings them to life. They are also extremely comfortable. 

Quote of the day : "What others think about you isn't important. What you think about yourself means everything"

Have a great night loves! <3



  1. love the studded shoes!!


  2. very cute look! xoxo

  3. So pretty! Love the shoes!

  4. wow! super cute shorts..

  5. Awesome shoes!


  6. you look so cute ❤❤❤

  7. Adore your flats.
    Thanks for the comment, shorts are very old, got them at TJ Maxx.

  8. love your shoes. prettyyyy


  9. love the shoes! Shall we follow? let me know XSE

  10. Love your shoes!