Tuesday, June 18, 2013

1st Birthday :)

So last Friday, June 14, 2012 was my baby's first birthday. I cannot believe time flies so fast... It was just 21 months ago (if im not mistaken) that we found out that I was pregnant and we found out it was a boy. My husband and me always wanted our first born to be a boy :) This pregnancy was very unexpected but it was surely a blessing. Through 9 months I became fat and hated myself so much because I do not look like myself anymore and I look like an Ogre. haha. Well yeah I was thinking that way. I have a lot of negative thoughts on my mind and I was always not in the mood, always. Even though I was a cranky pregnant girl my husband was always there to support me and make me feel happy and special all the time. He always treats me like a princess. I am very grateful to have met a man like him and for him to be the father of my son. My son and my husband are my life. 

Anyway, a year ago our bundle of joy our son Kyrus was born :) It was my first time becoming a mother and I really have no idea how to take care of a newborn baby at that time. It is really true that even though you dont know how to take care of a baby you will learn eventually, babies are so fragile thats why I do not want to hold one before. I am a very clumsy girl so yeah. haha! Having a baby means BIG changes. He changed my life in so many ways and made me a better person on the inside. Without him maybe I would still not open my eyes to reality and I would still live in my own crappy world. I am happy that God gave us a wonderful gift and forever we will treasure it. Kyrus was a very happy baby through the months. Everyone always tells us that he was a happy baby because he smiles a lot and is very friendly to other people. Even though he is hard headed all the time I love him so much and I could not ask for more. I am happy and contented with what I have right now and no one can ever replace his place in my heart. He loves to walk all around, he does not like to be carried all the time. I don't know if its a blessing that he loves to walk so much because for me its a tough job running and running everywhere! hahaha either way I enjoy it. I just wish that you will grow into a better person and never give mommy and daddy a hard time. Stay as cute as you are right now. And always remember that whatever you wanna become and want to do or even achieve in your life, mommy and daddy will always be right here to support you. We love you baby and Happy Birthday again and many more birthdays to come!!! I hope you will read this someday baby boo :*

xoxo, mommy and daddy


  1. Those pics are stunning :) Happy birthday to your Son x


  2. Your family is so precious!