Wednesday, June 12, 2013

3 Days til' Move IN :)

Hi friends! Finally there is only 3 days until our move in to our new apartment! I am very happy that we are moving out of where we currently live in and move onto a newly built apartment community. Happy Me! Anyway, yesterday we went to our new place and signed the lease. We will be having a blast in our new place because there are a lot of things to do, but I heard that there was an alligator spotted near the lake and no one has ever seen it again, so we need to have watchful eyes every time we are out and walking around. Scary huh? but thats what you get when you are living in florida snakes and alligators are part of the package. lol. The plus about our new place is it has a playground! We don't have to drive all the way to the playground ever again. We are also planning to get a pet doggie someday. They also have a Dog Park which is cool. I also love there pool its amazing and they said its the biggest pool apartment in all of our city area. I will be posting more pictures when we settled there already. Oh by the way, Look at what I wore on that day :)

H&M crop top - Pacsun BodyCon Skirt - Cotton On Sandals - Michael Kors Watch

For details about my outfit, my top is from H&M but originally its from Poshmark I got it brand new with tags still attached to it. It was an awesome deal too from my favorite seller. I like the cute bird print on it. The top is not sheer too so its better. I actually don't like crop top because I have a huge cute belly hahaha! and stretch mark that I got from giving birth. :)) Oh well I still adore and love myself despite my imperfections. Nobody's perfect so its okay. My Pacsun body con skirt is  cute too, I love the bright orange color perfect for spring and summer. Its a very versatile piece that should be included on your wardrobe. Im loving my watch because I receive tons of compliments when I an wearing it.  They say its very unique and beautiful. I love that it has two tone colors and its very perfect to any style you want to wear. And lastly, my sandals that I got from Cotton On. I love how its the color brown and the straps are stretchable. Its very cute and again I can wear it with. Thats it :) I hope you had a fun filled and awesome day ahead! Take Care.

xo, Camille


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