Monday, June 24, 2013


"All you have to do is be yourself and live the story that no one else can live the story of your own life... Be proud, be confident and most of all be happy."

Have you ever filled lost or forgotten? I did... big time and it was a huge mistake, it was way back when I was in high school... All my life I never thought that I would make a change. I thought that I would be still the miserable, wanna be girl before, but miracles do happen if you just put God first in your life, and I changed for the best! Back then I chose the wrong friends and friends that just want to take advantage of me. Friends that doesn't care for me or just want me to look down on myself. Luckily I still have my 8 best friends that I call my sisters. They were there for me through my worst of worst. They are just the best things that have happened to my life that I didn't regret nor taken for granted. They are my drugs, they made me laugh all the time... Although each of us have different personalties we still manage to love each other no matter what. I miss them so much and I will be seeing them very soon! 

Secondly, the man that changed my life completely, my husband. He is the extremely best thing that has come into my life. I didn't regret meeting him because I made the right decision on being with him for the rest of my life. He knows my deepest darkest secrets and still accepts me for who I am and what I have done in the past. He never ever looked down on me. He  always gives me positive thoughts. He cherished me and loved me so much and I am thankful for that. Although he is not the person that shows love and affection, he still manages to make me happy and special every single day. Even though I annoy him and make him mad all the time, he still loves me and of course he annoys and make me mad too but thats part of us showing our love for each other. haha. He treats me like a queen all the time and supports me on what I wanna do or pursue on my life. I am blessed to have found a man like him.

Lastly, my little prince, my baby boo... I was very happy when I found out I was pregnant! He was Gods greatest gift. He made me look through life in a different way. He though me how to be mature and think about other people and not just myself. I am lucky to be given a chance to be a mom, I love it and  forever will I cherish it. My baby turned my life into a very colorful and wonderful place. I always think on the brighter side when he came into our lives. His smiles and laughters is my stress reliever. My baby let me forgot about my past, and he let me show that the future is worth living for. I love you boo. :*

So these are the people that changed my whole entire life completely :)

xo Camille


  1. Your son looks so cute in his little tye ^.^

  2. I'm so glad that you made the journey from being lost to having a secure and loving family. You look great in that red polka dot blouse too.


  3. I have nominated you for the Liebster award dear :)
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  4. so cute! follow each other? let me know!

  5. This was so lovely to read and i love that top it's so cute :) We have just started following your blog and love it! Maybe you would like to check us out and follow back?