Monday, May 19, 2014

Come a Little Closer

Hello! how was your weekend? I have a great weekend and I am also hoping for great days ahead! I just want to share you one of my outfit that I wore this past weekend. I think I'm wearing too much yellow hahaha but hubby said its okay well i trust him...  but i still feel weird... wearing one color and the same prints from head to toe is not my style, it look so ugly!! No offense to those people who loves that kind of look. Everyone is unique in their own way. Everyone has a different taste in fashion. Always remember that.  I respect that. Do what makes you happy and just breathe positive thoughts all the time. 

For my sunglasses Im wearing my ultimate favorite one! I love how it looks good for the shape of my face. If you are looking for sunglasses always find the perfect frames!!! thats a must. Look for frames that makes your face shape look better and not worst. I always see a lot of people wearing sunglasses that doesn't even define their faces. I also love the yellow sheer top I'm wearing its very cool to wear, perfect for the extremely hot weather. The ruffles on it is very cute and it makes the top look not boring. The sleeves hides my big fat arms. hahaha. The shorts are comfortable to wear. I don't know what kind of fabric it is but its soft and i love it. The white stripe by the pockets gives it more of a sophisticated look. lastly my cute bow sandals. its very cute and very perfect this summer I cannot wait to style it this summer!!!

Sunglasses - Gucci
Top - Maldita (Philippines)
Shorts - Maldita  (Philippines)
Sandals - Primadona (Philippines)

xo, Camille


  1. what lovely Outfit
    i like your sandals, this yellow Color is so eyecatchy <3

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    Keep up your great Posts
    Amely Rose from:

  2. Loving this look. Very chic and love the subtle play with yellow. Do check out my latest post.