Monday, May 12, 2014

I Wanna Get Better

Hello lovies! Ive been loving florals lately and my closet is full of floral dresses. Sometimes I just feel that I have enough florals but whenever I am out and if I see something floral and its so cute I just have the urge to get it lol and yes I am an impulsive buyer. eeee. Im trying to stock up with more tops rather than dresses. Have a nice day or night!!! <3

Yes I feel very happy and pretty today :) Positive vibes all day errr dayyyy <3

this dress was very comfortable to wear! I love it!! I could wear it every single day lol The pattern is very cute and I love the caged back very cute. The fabric is amazing! Its doesn't make me feel hot, very airy... I just adore it hahaha Ive been receiving good news lately and I am happy!!! I am thankful everyday and I feel so blessed. Being a stay at home mom is very stressful at times but seeing my baby happy is very rewarding. He is the reason why I am still doing this until now. There are times that I just want to stop but this is one of the things that makes me happy and the support from y hubby is just amazing. What makes you happy lately? :)

Dress - Ross
Sandal - Forever 21

xo, Camille

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