Monday, January 28, 2013

Poshmark Craze ! :)

Ooohhh i love this app on my iphone very much !!! I cant stop buying and selling at the same time :) its a great way to earn money and shop for cheap designer brands. Its a consignment shop online. Only available for people living in the US. Its easy and fun. You also get to meet friends and share stuffs :)

Poshmark is a free iPhone app that allows you to shop the closets of women across the country. Have items in your closet that you love but are not not in love with anymore? List them for sale on Poshmark in just a few minutes! Just search and type "Poshmark" at the app store!

The secret to finding the best items on Poshmark is to find your stylemate! A stylemate is someone whoe shares your fashion taste. Everyone's got them! Here's how you can find yours

1. Follow People
2.Bookmark Your Likes
3.Shop Posh Parties & Showrooms
4. Use their search feature

Tips on How to make your first sale

#1: Style your Covershot
#2: Describe Your Items Accurately
#3: Attend Posh Parties
#4: Be responsive
#5: Engage with Others
and most of all BE FRIENDLY! :)

Disclaimer:all description is from poshmark and not from me.

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