Wednesday, January 30, 2013

My Sweet Valentine

Urban Outfitters Hat - Vintage Top - Forever 21 Skirt - Poshmark Ankle Boots
Cotton On Bag - Michael Kors Watch - Dillards Bracelet

Valentines almost here!!! So i decided to make an outfit for valentines not your usual all red valentines. You can wear this anywhere you go without being to fancy. Have a picnic at the park for a change its cheaper and a lot more fun than going to those fancy restaurants, if you are in a budget. Take a stroll at the mall, a lot of people do this especially me. Watch a romantic movie, how lovely is that right? or just stay at home eat pizza and watch chic flick movies haha! 

1. Urban Outfitters Fendora Hat - I got these on sale at my local urban outfittes. How cool is that? and   take an extra 50% on sale yeyyy!! I paid only $5.00 for a $30.00 hat!! 

2. Vintage Top - This is actually my Mom's top when she was still a teen :))) I love it and it never goes out of style.! thumbs up for my moms closet! hahaha i love you mom!

3. Forever 21-I bought these 2 years ago at Forever 21 in Hawaii and i love love love it! I forgot how much these is since its already old. Im also letting this go and selling this on Poshmark

4. Zara/Poshmark-yeyy to cheap finds! i got these Zara ankle boots at Poshmark for only $20 :) I saw a similar one on ebay for $100+ and thats too much... Yeyy to cheap stuff :)

5. Cotton On- I love the bag !! The details on it is outstanding :) I love the gold studs all over it. The color is very pretttyyy !! I got these on sale too. weeee. yeyyy to sales!!! 

6. Michael Kors Rose Gold Watch - Whenever I use this I receive tons of compliments and these are sold out everywhere! I got these as a gift last year on my birthday . Thank you hubby!! i love youuu lotsss...

7. Dillards Bracelet - I forgot the brand of this and all i can remember is i bought it on dillards and it was on sale.. as you can see i love sales hahaha!


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