Monday, November 11, 2013


Happy Veterans Day!!

In honor of veterans day I am wearing something green... Thank you for all who served for our country... and to my loving husband who's serving our country too. God Bless them all! Of course every Veterans Day our family always try to eat at one restaurant who's serving free meals to the military. Free food for them... yeyyyy! Oh by the way I made a Fall LookBook and this look is one of them... click here to watch it. It will really mean so much to me if you do watch it. Thanks!

So for this look I paired this jacket with a simple printed crop top to give it more of a life.. I guess if thats what I am trying to say.. I really don't know.. I hope you get what I mean... :)) I chose this to go with the jacket because its simple and clean. For the jacket, I chose it in honor of veterans day. Go green. haha! Uhm, olive green is also a perfect color for fall. Other color includes burgundy and navy! I also love the cute detailing on the pockets of the jacket. Very nice. My jeans are just a very random light washed denim jeans... I also love it because it feels like I'm jeggings but in reality I am not. I love wearing this type of pants, just because I have a toddler and its easy for me to chase him around especially when we are at the playground. Lastly my very awesome mouse flats from Bloomingdales. Thank you Bloomingdales!!! Its the most adorable and cutest flats that I own in my closet. I love the studs and the color nude. Nude color flats goes perfectly with everything its a must have piece to add on your closet. It never goes out of style and very nice to look at. 

Top & Jacket - H&M
Pants - Hollister
Belt - Zara 
Watch - Michael Kors
Flats - Marc by Marc Jacons



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  1. I love this army jacket
    You are so cute