Friday, November 1, 2013

Halloween 2013

Happy Halloween from my little bubba <3

So here I just wanted to share to you guys, some random shots of my 16 month old baby :) Isn't he the cutest? He trick or treated with my friend's kids... He really had a great time. We bought this costume because it was cheap and very cute. Me and my husband do not want to splurge money on an outfit that would be only worn a couple of hours... So we bought this cow costume... and when we started knocking on doors almost every door says "eat mor chikin" and to think this was not intentional when we were buying it Chick Fil A didn't came to our minds and all we thought of that he was going to be a cow. Long story short, now he became the Chick Fil A cow. So cute! There was also a contest at my neighborhood and he won the cutest costume and I am very proud of it. We got a gift card to a restaurant. This was his first legit trick or treating. He was happy and so are we.

GoodNight! xx, Camille