Friday, November 8, 2013

Baggy Look for the Lazy Me

TGIF my friend oh and HI to you too! :)

This outfit was worn yesterday I just posted it now because I was so lazy again. Anyway we went out yesterday for my baby's appointment, my husband got a haircut and I was craving for Pho... This look is what I usually wear when I am lazy to dress up. Its a simple casual look for me. It was kinda hot yesterday... Thank God! but it was kinda cold too. I know I know its weird... Ive been liking loose trousers and Harem pants lately they're just very comfortable to wear... Although it makes me look even more fatter I still like it. hahaha :D 

My top is just a simple sleeveless button up. I goes well with everything and I love the fabric, its very soft and very cool to wear on hot sunny days. It has to pockets on the front... You can't see it though.. mehhh... My cute loose fit trousers is awesome its very comfortable to wear and I love it that its garters on the waist area solo when I eat a lot its still comfortable to wear. I love the cute prints on the trousers. Its very cute. I just paired this look with my rose gold watch and some cute bracelets that I always wore all the time. Im not a jewelry and accessories type of person so I just use these items a lot. My bag is an oversized black bag and its awesome because its so big that I can put a lot of my stuff and my baby's stuff inside the bag! I love it so much that I am gonna use this all the time now. I hope it doesn't easily break for my everyday use. Lastly my beloved flats that I really love and adore all the time I wear it. I actually have two pairs of this :p just incase the other one gives up on me, I have an extra one... 

top - H&M
trousers and bag - Urban Outfitters
flats - Zara

Have a nice day kiss kiss


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