Saturday, April 6, 2013

Family Fun at the Park

Forever 21 Top and Shorts

Happy Saturday Loves! How was your saturday? I hope you had fun! Please excuse my retarded face, I feel so ugly with my HUGE eye bags! When you have a kid, especially a baby, you get sleep deprived. I know I know thats so sad but well that part of life and growing up and especially when you have a family. I also love my hair bun, its very perfect for a hot sunny day and its so cute, I always received tons of compliments despite my very wide forehead! haha. It was sunny but very breezy on my area, but the sun made he breeze hot. Does that even make sense? haha! Today we only went to the park so we can save for our trip. The mall is veryyyy tempting to shop for us, so we try to stay away from temptations at the moment. We just went to the park for a very fun and productive day plus its a good exercise without the sweat and the effort at the gym. haha. WE had fun watching some guys doing this amazing thing on the water,  I have really no idea what it was so Im really sorry! Anyway I love my top from Forever 21, its very flawy and comfortable to wear. I will definitely wear this all the time during Spring and also summer! A perfect top to add to your wardrobe. My shorts are actually very old I got this at a Forever 21 in Hawaii. Its still very comfortable to wear and doesn't go out of style. I love this shorts so much that I didn't even think of throwing it away. 

Cotton On Sandals

I first wore these sandals today and by far I love it! Its very comfortable <3

As you can see he was not very happy! The sun was just to bright for him. I think? I rarely take him out of the house because I'm just a lazy person. But when he saw kids playing he started to be okay again and stared having fun which was awesome. His favorite part in the playground is the slide, he loves it and doesn't get tired of it. Actually we were the one who got tired! It was just very exhausting.