Tuesday, April 9, 2013

BEAUTY REVIEW : The Best Lipbalms

Sugar Lip Treatment Spf15 - Eos Lipbalm

Hi! Today I will be sharing my most used and a must buy for me, these are the two most favorite lip balms that I have used in my entire life. I used different types and brands of lip balms before but nothing can ever replaced this two. I highly highly recommend this products if you are looking for good quality lip balms. 

The Sugar Lip Treatment or "Fresh " is very hydrating and it nourishes my lips. Everytime I use it my lips feel soft the whole entire day and my lipstick does not chap at all. I apply this first before my lipstick and it helps glides my lipstick smoothly. Another amazing factor is it has SPF15, which helps protect my lips from the sun. Its soft and very comfortable to wear, it doesn't feel heavy at all. The only thing I don't like about it is the consistency of the product it easily breaks, I think because it just too soft? Just don't twist the tube all the way up or put pressure on it when you apply some on your lips. But by far This is the best lip product ever! Finally the Eos Lip balms, this product also moisturizes my lips and I love love the packaging its so cute. This product is good for dry and chapped lips. Its very moisturizing and it has awesome scents, which I like because some scents tend to be over powering and it just makes the product disgusting. The plus about this products are they are both organic and natural which is awesome! They're no harsh chemicals that can damage my lips or whatsoever. So I highly recommend these babies!! thanks for stopping by and take care <3



  1. WOW! I have heard so much about these lip balms and that their natural I have wanted to try them for ages but they are currently out of stock in all UK websites :( the flavour's sound amazing! x


  2. I adore the EOS lip balms! They are incredible! <3 Haven't tried the Sugar ones cuz they are not available where I love but I've heard so many great things about it! Great post! :))


  3. i love this lipbalm!!! cheers! :)

    love your blog :)


  4. They look like quality products, trhanks for sharing darling :)


  5. Love this lip balm. I will try soon.

    xo Janika,