Monday, April 8, 2013

Sunny Monday

Happy monday friends! I know some of you hate mondays because of work, school.etc. but for me I do not complain what day it is because I am happy that God gave me another day to spend time with my baby and my hubby. :) In the morning we went to see my son's dermatologist and it went well than what I was expecting. My baby was brave enough for me not to worry, happy mommy indeed. Anyway after his appointment we went to the mall just for walk and to eat lunch at the food court.

H&M top - Louis Vuitton Neverfull GM - Pacsun Skirt
Bcbg Generation Flats - Michael Kors Watch

For my outfit tadaaaa, my top is from h&m one of there conscious collection this spring, originally I got these from Poshmark for $5 plus the tags are still attached! It was a good deal for me for a new top. Poshmark is the most amazing and used app on my iPhone, I love using it for buying also selling used or new stuffs. Its a nice baby pink color with a lace detailing on top and its light ang very comfortable to wear under the heat of the sun! My bodycon skirt is from Pacsun, i love how tight fitting it is and the fabric is soft, its very comfy! My flats are from bcbg generation, I bought this at my loca NEX, as some of you dont know NEX is a mall inside the military base where you shop cheaper stuff and there no tax. :) these are by far the comfiest (is that a word) flats I owned but Toms goes first haha! And finally my watch is from Michael Kors, its called the Madison, its two toned color and I LOVE it! Thanks for stopping by my blog and have a nice monday lovessss! :)


  1. Growing up on military bases since my dad was in the military I always loved the NEX! My family always went. Also, this outfit is so cute!

    Chelsea Elizabeth

  2. love your outfit...great colours

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    Steven Brown

  4. great casual outfit! love the colors on you :D

  5. you look very nice :) fellow pinoy here

    Delightful Ideas

  6. Aww happy everything went well! You look so chic! Love the outfit and those shoes are so cute!
    Thank you for the comment!! I'm following your blog now!

  7. Very cute! I love these colors on you!

  8. I really don't like mondays but this post has made me think maybe i should at least try to enjoy them! lovely outfit :) love the colour of the skirt !

    Mad Hatters Nail Party

  9. cute outfit! :))

    you wanna follow each other? let me know! :))