Friday, April 5, 2013

Peplum and Metallic

Express Peplum Top - Forever 21 Metallic Shorts - Forever 21 Necklace

Zara Ankle Boots - Juicy Couture Perfume - Tory Burch Logo Clutch - Urban Outfitters Wallet - Gucci Sunglasses - Michael Kors Watch - Wet Seal Chain Bracelet - Tilly's Ring and Arrow Bracelet

Hi! Im finally posting an Outfit of the Day and I will make sure I will make this a habit to post more and more. Today was a normal kind of day, spending time with my baby is what I do every single day. He brings joy to my life and makes my day bright! School was also my everyday routine. Time management is what I learned when I became a mommy, I find time for my baby, school, husband and Skype sessions with my mom (she wants to see him every single day end sometimes its boring :> Love You Mom! ) Oh yeah and I learned a lesson today, never ever take pictures on your own. haha

To start of I love my peplum top from Express , it was a surprise from my husband. Thanks hubby! I love the feather print it design. Is  it me or its really feathers?? It feels very soft and light when wearing it. I love love it! My shorts feels more like I'm wearing faux leather. I don't know if it is but the texture feels so. My necklace is just a cute small bag with very cute detailing. Both shorts and necklace are from Forever 21. These Zara  Ankle boots are the bomb! I just love it! Its very versatile and I can use it from Spring to Winter. My very used Juicy perfume are the best scent I have ever smelled in my entire life! of course next to Marc Jacobs Daisy <3 Its a must have for everyday use and its not that strong. I cannot describe how it smell and Im not good at describing but all I can say is you must have it! hihi I got my wallet from Urban Outfitters, it was on sale and that time I just needed a new wallet since my old wallet needs to go. I'm not into wallets, so I don't care if Im using the same one all over again. Im gonna wait to buy a new one if this gives up on me. I love my Michael Kors Madison Watch, its two toned and its lovely. The colors are rose gold and tortoise, it just goes with everything. I got my chain bracelet from Wet Seal, it was an impulse buy hahaha i just have no ice why I got it at the first place. When I see something only 3 items left, I just have to get it and buy it, I don't know it just makes me feel like I need this. Is it just me or you also do the same thing? haha! The arrow bracelet and ring are from Tilly's they were on sale and it was a good deal, Sooooo yeahhh! Thats about it for my outfit post. I hope you guys enjoyed it. Thanks BYE!


  1. cute, xoxo

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