Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Aztec Print

Forever 21 Top and Shorts - Michael Kors Watch - Zara Flats - Icing Owl Necklace

So today me and my baby went to the mall since daddy was gonna sleep the whole entire day. There were no good deals at the mall which was a bummer. I went home empty handed which was awesome because I saved some money. haha. And it was sooo extremely hot outside. Ugh, it feels more like summer and not Spring. Anyway I am so obsessed with my top I love the details on it and its very comfortable to wear. Its also so cute, isn't it? :) My shorts was actually thrifted at Platos Closet, but the brand is Forever 21. I sometimes find Platos Closet the best place to buy gently used clothes. But the price sometimes isn't fair. I have seen some that was overly priced than the mall price. Overall you can still find good deals at there store. You can also sell your gently used clothes and they give you cash on the spot. Awesome right? I just recently purchased this owl necklace from Icing, it was on the sale section and they have a good deal which is take extra 50% off reduced items. I really love good deals and sales, saves me a lot of money. Lastly, I adore these Zara Pointy Flats they're quite expensive but I got them on sale too! hahaha. And to tell you its not true to its size. You can obviously tell it doesn't fit me well. How embarrassing. Thanks for stopping by my blog and have a nice day! <3



  1. love your zara flats. they're gorgeous. I invite you to my blog too..

  2. Lovely outfit! I am loving your shoes and shirt, so pretty.


  3. Very cute outfit!

  4. i love shoes !!!
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  5. Cute look! Your flats are adorable!

    See you in my blog, maybe.

  6. lovely outfit :D
    that top is just awesome !!


  7. Love this print and your flats are super cute!!


  8. your top is so cute!

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  9. such a cute outfit, pretty Aztec top and owl necklace:-) Do visit my blog and if you like,follow on GFC and Bloglovin and i'll surely follow back:-)

  10. lovely top and gorgeous shoes, perfect look dear <3

  11. You're so lucky it feels like Summer, because here in Toronto it feels like Winter! I want Spring! :P Those flats are so cute girl. And it's always disappointing when you leave the mall empty handed, but then you're right..its also good because that is money saved! xo

  12. beautiful aztec top :D
    your zara flats...I did see them of the site.

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  13. thanks for dropping by my blog!
    cute outfit girl! :D
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    Hope you could follow back! :D


  14. Pretty! Love the necklace and shoes!

  15. I love your top! Nice print!

  16. I really liked your shoes..