Monday, February 18, 2013


 | Steve Madden - Intyce Boots |

| House of Harlow - Earrings | Forever 21 - Top | 
| Michael Kors - Watch | Old Navy - Navy Polka Dot Stockings | 

It was extremely cold today. Another bipolar weather here in Florida :| Finally, today was my husband's last night shift after how many weeks... We get to hang out often now... After his gym session we went to the mall just for a walk :) Today's outfit is me being lazy again! HAHA these past few days i just don't feel like myself. Actually, i feel fat... i feel that i gained 10lbs just by eating on a cheat day.. my tummy is HUGE!!!! Im tooooo lazy to go to the gym even though its just a 2 second walk from where i lived. :p 


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  1. Hey Camille! thank you for your lovely comments :D these pictures are really nice, I specially love the first one. :)

    I'm following you now! Hope u'd like to follow me too <3 <3